Server room and building access control is becoming a stronger focus for data centers looking to optimize their security. Across the board, businesses want to establish strong protocols for security and privacy, which means expanding the access control system beyond the digital space and eliminating both physical and cyber threats.

Of course, the increased focus on physical access means that firms need to invest in the solutions that optimize access control in the first place – biometrics.

Biometric security offers significant advantages over key card and pin pad systems. Furthermore, it is still evolving as a technology, providing ample opportunities for growth in the future. In fact, access control in particular is an exciting area of opportunity for biometric technology in particular, because of new modes of security, ways of registering users and variations and combinations in security measures.

Fingerprint scanners are one of the most widely adopted strategies for building and data center security, but they can be paired with legacy security solutions to multiple protection, and other strategies can be adopted to ensure complete security as well. Firms can focus on dual-authentication, anti-passback and other systems that optimize access control not only by barring entry, but establish security protocols should entry be achieved anyway.

The growth of biometric technologies can make these strategies seem like a costly endeavor, due to the need for regular system upgrades. However, the right solutions will scale over time, keeping up with innovations within the industry and providing complete protection. Furthermore, the right strategy will remain equally secure over time, rather than reduce in its effectiveness as it ages like some security methods.

When considering biometric security measures and the industry as whole, firms can gain a stronger understanding of how to protect their systems if they understand what is influencing the industry. With widespread adoption of biometric security solutions in the mobile industry, as well as in travel and banking, the technology is seeing significant attention, which is in turn inspiring some significant innovations, not only in the methods used to determine authentication, but the quality of identification. These innovations will continue to drive biometrics as a top security solution for years to come, it is up to businesses to embrace it at the optimal time to leverage it to their advantage.