In many cases, the discussion regarding data breaches immediately shifts into a discussion regarding cybersecurity, and the need for protection against hackers and other forms of illicit electronic access.

However, many breaches – often some of the most damaging ones – are caused by insiders with physical access to critical IT equipment.
With the average cost of a data breach in the millions, it is critical to ensure the physical security of the data center extends beyond encryption, firewalls and standard card access programs with biometric authentication and monitoring.

The predominant physical security scheme employed by almost all data centers today, is a perimeter based, reduced concentric circle, access control scheme that usually stops at the data center door, This outdated scheme leaves the server cabinets, inside the data center, vulnerable. With Digitus’ patent-pending technology, data centers can carry their access control all the inside.

In fact, with every db ServerRack biometric system installed according to our best practices, Digitus extends a written warranty, guaranteeing a full refund or replacement product if a facility fails to meet a physical security audit within the first year. Go ahead, read the fine print. There’s nothing to hide.