Data centers are evolving across the globe, with colocation, hybrid cloud and other solutions changing how facilities operate and the benefits that companies get from them. For firms looking to optimize their operations around these changes and leverage them for growth, they also need to consider the evolution of security compliance and the best way to protect their centers.

Colocation in particular is a thriving data center trend because it helps businesses optimize their facility workflows while reducing the actual cost of operations. However, this shared data center strategy increases risk, forcing companies to move their security practices from overall building access control to room and server rack-specific solutions. This can boost efficiency, help optimize workflow around security needs and minimize the threats that unauthorized access can bring to the data center.

Beyond colocation, cloud solutions and other new trends come with their own security risks, and businesses need to consider optimizing access control across the board. Biometric technology offers the best option regardless of the other data center trends that firms are investing in, with scalable and customizable strategies. From dual authentication to advanced use management, biometric solutions optimize security for a wide variety of needs.

As businesses evolve, and their data centers advance, so too must the security solutions they put in place to protect their most valuable assets. The right tools will simplify security measures going forward and help companies adapt to future trends more easily. In the long run, this will save companies money while promoting better security practices. This supports a better way of doing business internally while demonstrating a screen of high-quality security practices to customers and potential clients.