For data center security, businesses need to implement the best possible strategies, not just for compliance reasons but to ensure the safety of data as this resources grows in both value and importance. According to the Boston Business Journal, modern efforts in building access control have to include biometrics to ensure complete protection.

Corporate security means are evolving at a promising pace, which is important because so are the capabilities of criminals seeking illegal and unauthorized access to firms’ data. The value of data continues to rise as enterprises focus on new ways to leverage information for profits and drive enterprise growth through it. This makes it more appealing and lucrative for criminals to acquire it by whatever means they can. Cybersecurity was the buzzword of the 2000s, but during this decade data thieves have started to bypass firewalls altogether by turning towards more antiquated methods to gain direct access to what they want.

In the 1900s, a criminal could assume a fake identity and gain access to nearly anywhere if he or she was clever enough. A focus on security over the last 100 years has made this much more difficult, and finally, with the migration to computers, companies could keep a thief from getting his or her hands on information by storing it digitally. The criminals adapted and hacking become the new breaking and entering of corporate espionage. However, rather than try to keep up with these technologies, spies and opportunists have decided to take a step backward and returned to social engineering to get what they want. Now faking a name badge or ID card and knowing your way around an IT service desk can gain someone access to a server rack that he or she shouldn’t have, and all those expensive, digital security methods are useless to stop them.

By investing in high-quality biometrics technology, companies can protect their most important asset from both ends, eliminating unauthorized access to server rooms and optimizing the protection of their data for the criminals of the 21st century. This method of ensuring data center security will be essential , and making the right investment into scalable, high-quality biometrics will help a firm adapt as needed over time to ensure continued protection.