Businesses in the financial industry see significant pressure to enhance their data center security, with a great deal on the line should customer information be stolen. As such, more firms are investing in biometric technology to optimize the protection of their servers directly.

According to the Fort Mill Times, biometric security solutions may finally get the recognition they deserve in the financial sector, with increased adoption by banks to protect customer and transaction data. A recent study by Javelin Strategy & Research found that the challenge for deploying these solutions will be lesser for organizations in the financial sector than retail – another industry that has attempted to deploy biometric protection methods in the past.

The report noted that the largest hurdle for firms to overcome is consumer distrust of biometric security. However, when deploying biometrics for server rack security and internal uses, companies won’t have to worry about these concerns.

In the data center, the best level of protection is at the server itself. With biometric solutions in place, a business won’t have to worry about unauthorized access to their physical resources, cutting the risk of an intruder planting a KVM switch or other device to provide direct access to a rack, and therefore customer information.