The U.S. economy finished 2014 on a high note and seems poised to continue its upswing over the course of the new year. Recent polls indicate that consumer confidence is rising. The investment community is fully engaged in a variety of startups from many different sectors. The vast majority of economists and analysts predict that the financial vitality will hold steady over at least the next few months. These effects have significantly bolstered business activity, thereby creating expansion opportunities for tech companies across the U.S.

However, as these major tech companies look to improve their infrastructural capabilities and grow their workforce, they will have to be cognizant of data breach threats. Cybersecurity is of the utmost importance in the digital age.

Apple to build new data center in Phoenix suburb
Apple recently announced that it will spend approximately $2 billion over the next 10 years so it can open a data center in Mesa, Arizona, a suburb of Phoenix, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey praised the decision and said that it proves the state's quality as a supporter of tech business.

"This multibillion dollar project is one of the largest investments we've ever made, and when completed it will add over 600 engineering and construction jobs to the more than 1 million jobs Apple has already created in the U.S.," the company said in a statement, according to the publication.

Amazon on the rise in Oregon
Amazon may build as many as 11 data centers in Oregon, according to Oregon Live. The company already runs four data centers in eastern Oregon, but hopes to significantly bolster its operations in the state.

The news outlet noted that data centers are the second greatest part of Oregon's tech industry in regards to capital investment. Companies such as Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon have all flocked to the state because it doesn't have a sales tax on computers that operate server farms. Oregon also exempts certain data centers from standard property taxes.

Biometrics are an essential part of tech growth
As tech businesses such as Apple and Amazon take advantage of the strong financial climate, they will need to shore up their cybersecurity measures as well. While encryption and decentralization are worthwhile tactics, biometric technology has been shown to be the most effective security strategy. And for even more effective management of access control, chief executives should consider a dual-access system.