Plenty of ancillary costs are affiliated with maintaining a smoothly running data center. The list is expansive, and as the data center market becomes an increasingly central part of global commerce, it continues to grow.

IT managers must keep track of access control, ensuring that only the right employees can tap into private information during certain hours of the workday. They need to prepare for both external and internal threats by establishing sturdy cybersecurity measures, such as data encryption and decentralization, and consistently follow the regulatory requirements of FISMA, HIPAA and other standards. Environmental controls shouldn’t be overlooked either. Factors such as temperature, air flow, water, smoke, cooling and power are just a few of the many other variables at play in data center management.

Biometric technology from Digitus can help tech professionals closely monitor the many components of a data center. And by streamlining these processes, they can ensure regulatory compliance and best practices while getting back to the core activities of their business.

“Biometric technology can help tech professionals closely monitor their data center.”

Assembling a budget for the data center
Mark Evanko, a representative of data center provider BRUNS-PAK, recently spoke with Data Center Knowledge about the difficulty in estimating the total cost of a data center.

“What we are seeing is the total cost of ownership of a data center, such as the design build, colocation, cloud, disaster recovery and network costs need to be considered, and you also need to consider the associated risk elements,” Evanko told the news outlet.

He added that the growing use of colocation facilities and other third-party vendors has put data-driven enterprises at greater risk, according to the news outlet. While these options often market themselves as secure solutions, Evanko said that they don’t inherit liability for potential damages.

Biometrics and data center consolidation
Deloitte, a market research group, noted that data center expenses run between $10 million and $25 million per year. When a larger enterprise operates many data centers at once, Deloitte principal Ranjit Bawa said that the costs can be difficult to manage.

“CIOs who are thinking ahead two to three years don’t want to be saddled with legacy infrastructure or investments they can’t redirect,” Bawa told the source. “Data center consolidation and application modernization allow them to essentially ‘future-proof’ their technology footprints.”

Biometric security not only prevents data breaches – it automatically logs vast amounts of data related to access control and regulatory compliance. It’s a cost-effective option for businesses with an expansion plan and a commitment to security.