As security becomes a global concern in data center operations, businesses are increasing their investments into the leading solutions to protect their resources – biometrics technology. Biometrics offers considerable scalability and customization in terms of levels of security and use through a facility, making it an ideal option for companies of any size. Furthermore, as consumer technologies embrace biometrics increased innovation is matched by a reduced cost of ownership for many firms.

According to TechSci Research’s recent “Global Biometric Systems Market Forecast & Opportunities, 2018” survey, the biometrics security market is on an explosive upward path, with revenues expected to reach or exceed $20 billion by 2018. This growth is driven by increased investments in data center security, e-passports, licenses, border management and national ID efforts across the globe. Nations such as India, Mexico, Russia and China have joined into increased biometrics adoption on federal level, while private businesses are also ramping up their investments into these technologies to protect their buildings and server rack needs. North American and European markets are expected to contribute 61 percent of total global revenues.

Fingerprint scanner hardware is leading the investments into these technologies, but companies investing in biometrics need to consider all of their options. Anti-passback solutions, dual-custody authentication and supporting software needs are equally important as the type of recognition solution, and firms have to invest in complete packages that support all of their needs and delivery high-quality protection and access control. By deploying the right solutions now, businesses will be better prepared for future growth of the industry as well, and be able to scale their security solutions to their needs with ease.