Major airports utilize biometric security devices [VIDEO]


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When you think of places that need top-notch security, one of the first places that might pop into your mind is an airport. Airports need to make sure that everyone who is boarding a plane is exactly who they claim to be - not someone who has stolen another person's ID. This is why more and more airports are turning to biometric security devices.

The Los Angeles Times reports that Las Vegas' McCarran International Airport has become the latest in a string of airports that have begun utilizing biometric security devices to identify themselves. Passengers get their fingerprints screened in order to expedite the security process.

If major U.S. airports trust biometric security devices - don't you think it's time you look into them to protect your office and data centers?

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Are your physical assets secure? [VIDEO]


Data security is the hot topic these days, and for many companies, not an easy one to deal with. While keeping sensitive electronic information safe from hackers is important, protecting the physical assets this data is stored in is just as - or even more - important.

Think about it this way - you can do everything you can to keep hackers out of your network - from changing online passwords to putting up firewalls and other security measures. However, what difference will that make if someone is able to access your data centers and download the information they need directly, or steal the computers for your office? These are important issues to keep in mind.

If you're concerned that your physical asset security may not be up to par, then you should consider installing biometric security devices to keep intruders at bay.

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