An increasing reliance on software-defined data centers is causing a shortfall in the security compliance of some facilities. In fact, for most companies, security is one of the key challenges they still face after upgrading their systems through virtualization and the cloud.

“Virtualization and the cloud are dramatically increasing the rate and volume of network changes, forcing security managers to find new and better ways of ensuring security policies are kept intact throughout these rapid changes,” said Reuven Harrison, CTO of Tufin, a firm that recently published a study on data center security, according to Help Net Security.

In fact, 90 percent of businesses embracing virtualization are too reliant on network security tools, allowing other security and privacy needs to fall short. For these firms, a focus on server rack security may be in order.

Tufin noted in an October 2013 survey that 71 percent of businesses are adopting new processes and technologies related to their data center operations. This causes a disconnect with security measures that are focused on the network because the technology and systems that need protecting are changing. Nearly 40 percent of companies said their networks are too complex to achieve their security goals.

Investing in high-quality biometric technology can be the step back to physical data center security that firms need to get them back on track. For many firms, the focus on network-level security isn’t a bad move, it simply isn’t enough to fully protect their interests.

The evolution of the data center has left building access control in a unique position. Companies are overly focused on cyber security, allowing physical needs to rely on legacy solutions like key cards and pin pads. Upgrading these strategies with biometric security can optimize access control and provide data centers with the foundation they need to fully support a move forward in other areas – like virtualization.

The ultimate goal of most businesses is to optimize their data center operations for the end user, but ample consideration has to be given to the data center’s operations as well. By improving security measure and ensuring they meet the standards necessary to support data center staff, firms can support growth from the ground up and ensure their future efforts are driven by a well-oiled machine that is their data center.