Card access control systems have been the standard in physical security or years, providing an easy-to-manage way to restrict access to qualified personnel.

They provide a great deal of added security and help protect your company’s data and IT resources, since hoping there isn’t a breach isn’t an actual security strategy.

However, they aren’t foolproof. Lost wallets create the potential for a breach, plus creating a need to replace the card in question. The potential also exists for cards to be stolen or copied.

And even absent theft, research from the Gabriel Consulting Group found most breaches were caused by insiders – and those breaches were often costlier than those caused by outside attacks.

Regardless of the source, security breaches can have severe consequences – such as fines, legal fees, and the costs of credit monitoring.

Between damage to the brand, lost business and other costs, the average cost of a security breach is more than $7 million.

Digitus Biometrics is different. Our proven biometric access system can provide 100%physical security at every access point.

Our fingerprint readers create a multi-point schematic of each user’s fingerprint for them to gain access – so no actual fingerprint is stored in the system. The systems also include finger fraud protection, so manufactured fingers or other false substitutes won’t grant access. And in the event of duress, emergency breach detection gives authorized personnel the ability to automatically alert security.

Our systems are designed as plug and play solutions, which reduces complexity and implementation costs.

Quite simply, Digitus Biometrics delivers the most secure complete access control protection – from the main entrance to the server cabinet doors.

Zero vulnerability and zero security breaches isn’t just a goal. With Digitus, it’s a reality.