More and more companies are beginning to see the benefits of biometric technology as applied to their data centers and server cabinets. Hardening access to these vital and critical components of a company’s IT infrastructure is one of the first things a savvy executive needs to focus upon.

Why are some companies opting for fingerprint scanning?
One of the attributes of fingerprint scanning is the ability to utilize a technology that can’t be duplicated. Fingerprints are unique to every human on the planet. Because no two sets of prints are the same, security personnel are able to ensure that only authorized personnel can gain access to vital areas like the data center or the server cabinets. With the fingerprint scanner, a company can also eliminate the possibly of lost keys or stolen passwords, as neither are needed once the fingerprint scanning system becomes operational.

An article in Tech Navio said that biometric developers are focusing on three trending areas for improving data center security and server cabinet protection. State-of-the-art data center design is one focus that executives are eyeing. Stronger facility construction and high security at all access points are also being implemented in new data center architecture as additional layers of security.

Unauthorized data center access
Unauthorized personnel in the data center are coming under increased scrutiny from company managers and security staff alike. Major losses can occur if the wrong eyes or hands are in the data center. The biometric application of fingerprint scanning really puts the clampdown on the likelihood of non-cleared personnel gaining access to the center or server cabinets. By utilizing biometric technology that is evolving daily, a company can prevent a passback situation that could imperil the entire operation.

Physical protection
IT security experts and company executives are constantly looking for ways to protect the physical assets of their operation. An article in Data Center Journal said that by utilizing fingerprint security a business is able to thwart any attempt from a corrupt employee or intruder to gain access to critical information in the data center or server cabinet locations. A fingerprint scanner at the main entry points to a building provides security teams with a first layer of protection but there are additional biometric security measures available to lock-down the most vital sectors of the facility. Company executives don’t want a breach in their data center or to have someone crack their server cabinet security, so they are increasingly turning to biometrics as a fail-safe method of keeping data safe.

Knowing the best protection for the system and deploying it correctly is vital to the safety of the operation. Understanding what terrain the data center and all the IT infrastructure lie upon is also valuable knowledge and should be factored-in with every detail of security planning and design in order to maximize protection for the server and the data center.

Executives and IT staffers charged with securing the company data center and server cabinets have many options to choose form when it comes to safety but more are turning to biometric technology as the cutting-edge security method they want to employ to ensure the best safety and security possible in the market today.

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