Recent research has shown that it can take one to two years for a business to recover from a data incursion. Profits, reputation and damage to the brand all occur when a company's data is breached and, according to the Arizona Republic, the Ponemon Institute's 2014 Cost of Data Breach Study shows that, as of 2014, a company loses $201 per data record stolen. If a business is not ready for such an incident, the costs can be astronomical and even put even the strongest operation out of business.

Protection with biometrics 
In today's security-conscious society, biometrics is an extremely effective way to lock down the data center with almost foolproof access control. While there are numerous methods available, fingerprint scanning is seen as an effective way to protect company data assets and thwart unauthorized entry or activity. Because the technology utilizes information that is associated with the individual, the data center security team has the ability to control access to any vital and sensitive areas.

Data breach planning is essential
One way that a business can protect against a data breach is to have a dedicated plan in place. One of the major findings of the Ponemon study showed that if such plan was actually operational when the breach occurred, a company could expect to see the cost of data loss reduced to around $159 per record stolen, as opposed to the $201 previously identified. That could save thousands of dollars depending on how much data was lost when the breach took place.

With Ponemon researchers noting that most breaches come from inside sources, introducing fingerprint scanning to protect the physical operations building and server cabinets can help put a company manager's mind at ease while preventing data loss and unauthorized incursions into the data center.

That and vigilant security staff go a long ways toward maintaining the annual bottom line and keeping it from falling deeply into the red due to breaches and other criminal activity. Biometric technology makes the job easier, more effective and cost-efficient.

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