When it comes to optimizing building access control and the physical security of your data center, user administration takes a central role. Optimizing access management with legacy security solutions requires firms to get keys or keycards back from employees should they be let go, delete passwords from their systems or even change the locks should a problem occur – all of which can be costly in time or resources. However, with high-quality biometric security, removing or adding access can be simple and safe.

Biometric technology allows access to facilities with the swipe of a finger, and just as easy of a time managing users to ensure that the right people can enter the right areas of the building, gaining access to only the servers or rooms they need and limiting the risk of infiltration. This is due to the pairing of high-quality user management systems.

Centralized user administration promotes not only the security of simplified user addition or deletion, but also helps firms monitor time of access, user movements within a facility and system protection via individual or group preferences. Then ensures real-time security performance, as well as alerting to attempted breaches, propped open doors and other potential threats.

The optimization of user management is particularly useful in a colocation setting where data center security is heightened and businesses have to limit access to a select number of individuals who have a right to be in the building. This prevents access through dropped keys, overheard passwords and other risks.

Optimally, building access control shouldn’t be a problem for a company, but threats on security continue to grow, and companies need a scalable, high-quality solution to meet their potentially expanding needs to protect one of their most valuable assets – data.