Easy-to-use, Centralized Administration and Management

At Digitus, we understand that you need a simple, easy-to-use, centralized dashboard to manage all of your security access points.  We have developed a single-point-of-access dashboard that makes the day-to-day task of managing multiple users, or groups of users, as simple as a click of a mouse.


One of our development partners, RSA, has called our software platform “the most secure in the world”.

User Management

DAS-SQL allows for the easy addition of users, and can monitor which users have access to a specific place at a particular time. It can also delete users from specific units and from the entire system instantly, and instantly reinstate them if needed. DAS-SQL allows access for vertical grouping and group segmentation.


DAS-SQL can scale to operate with thousands of access control units. The database resides on a centrally accessible server that enables administration of all units from a single desktop. The database can also be partitioned to enable multiple parties to manage, monitor, alert, and report on specific access points or groups of access points, as in allowing colocation clients to remotely monitor their own assets.

Real-Time Alerting and Monitoring of Events

DAS-SQL performs real-time monitoring of all access control units in service, and issues real-time alerts for attempted breaches, open doors, and “distress finger” situations, to name a few. Alerts go directly to administrative personnel via phone or email for immediate response.