Delivering Best Practice and Compliance by default

Digitus Biometrics technology is the perfect solution for an organization that focuses on best practices for controlling access throughout their estate assets.

Easily and accurately track and document who, what, when and where with indisputable audit trails that show exactly who accessed which doors, and at what time, across your organizations entire global estate.

Data Centers

More than controlling who has access to the data center room, Digitus has the technology and the tools to protect each and every cabinet in your data center.

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When it comes to protecting IT assets, it is critical that only the best technology be implemented. Digitus technology can help manage, monitor and report on your protected security assets.

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Digitus technology is the logical choice for the protection of mission critical assets while helping to ensure any organization can meet its regulatory compliance requirements.

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Along with Utilities, the telecommunications network is classed as critical infrastructure. The inherent capacilities of Digitus technology make it ideally suited to help Telecommunications Providers secure their assets.

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