We believe so strongly in our technology, we are willing to offer the strongest warranty in the business.  After all… “Data Center Security is too important to be expensive.”

Digitus Biometrics offers a full replacement one-year warranty on all of its products. Our Limited Warranty guarantees compliance with all government and industry regulations.

“Digitus warrants that the Product will comply with applicable governmental (including governmental regulatory agency) laws and regulations for server cabinet physical security. If Product fails the physical security aspect of any governmental audit, Digitus will refund the purchase price of the Product or ship a replacement product at the option of the customer.”

We guarantee all of our access control systems to be compliant with these regulations:

For customers interested in total coverage for life of service, Digitus Biometrics offers the db Infinity program, which includes automatic software/firmware feature updates for the latest biometric technology, priority technical support, and 24-hour replacement of any unit as needed.

Our engineers have created a simple and easy to service platform, eliminating the need for on-site service.  Most of our customers choose to self-install our technology.  In the rare instance of a product failure, service is simply a matter of swapping components in plug-and-play fashion.  Our db Infinity Maintenance Program represents the best maintenance value in the industry today and allows our customers to future-proof their investment.