EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation is currently in draft form, but it is essentially an evolution of the existing EU Data Protection Directive. The goal of the new legislation is to take the core elements of the directive and update them based on requirements of globalized electronic commerce and technology trends like cloud computing.

Regardless of precisely how the updated regulatory law looks when it is completed, some core values will likely remain the same. One of those values is the way the EU prioritizes personal privacy and emphasizes that organizations operating outside of the EU still need to protect EU citizen data based on EU laws.

With stricter standards for data privacy, organizations handling personal data pertaining to EU citizens need to make sure they carefully control who can access that information.

Using access control to support the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation

Complying with the EU’s regulatory laws about handling consumer data can be tricky, but understanding who has access to information at any time is incredibly important. At Digitus Biometrics, we feature solutions that are not only powerful at controlling movement through a building and access to server cabinets, we also prioritize offering a variety of deployment options that make our technologies accessible. It doesn’t matter whether you are a major bank operating in the EU or an international retailer that needs to segregate data about EU customers from other client information, we have a solution that can fit your needs.

Adaptability is key when trying to meet EU regulatory laws. The emphasis on protecting an individual’s privacy is such an emphasis that many organizations of all sizes need to be ready to control access to key systems. Our solutions feature the flexibility in deployment method and the built-in audit trails needed to ensure compliance with minimal disruption.