Protecting your data center assets starts at the entry point to your facility. Building access control plays a vital role in supporting holistic data center security strategies, and our db Nexus platform lays the groundwork for controlling movement throughout your facility.

You need a combination of simple management, powerful authentication methods and reliability out of your access control platform, and db Nexus meets these needs in diverse ways.

Multi-factor authentication
The db Nexus platform comes in two versions: db Nexus II, featuring fingerprint and PIN authentication methods, and the db Nexus III, which offers fingerprint, PIN and RFID card user verification. Our locks process all of these credentials quickly and efficiently, making sure that you control access throughout your building without having to inconvenience your users.

Networked for management, not for use
On one hand, you need your locks to connect to the network so you can add new users, change authorizations and adjust credentials from any connected, secure device. With db Nexus, you can manage locks across multiple facilities to maintain all of your company buildings under a central platform.

On the other hand, you can’t afford to have your access control solution stop working if your network or Internet connection goes down. db Nexus is designed to let you manage it through the network, but to function without the network when it to comes to authorizing entry throughout your facility.

The ability to use the network for management, but not need it to authenticate users, ensures that you get the convenient access control management you need alongside reliability that ensures your system is available regardless of what happens to your network.

DAS-SQL Platform
Our DAS-SQL software package provides nuanced and robust management functions that allow any user with access to the system to adjust the configuration. Enrollment can be completed in less than five seconds, and the software can support registration for up to 9,500 users across multiple locations. On top of all this, the details stored in the DAS-SQL software can be viewed through your building management platforms, improving ease of use for your security and facilities management teams.

Regulatory support
db Nexus includes a 16-hour backup log of information and automatically creates an indisputable audit trail so that your organization will be ready to prove it is complying with regulatory standards at any time.

Get control of your building
Layered protection is vital when trying to protect your data assets, and db Nexus can be the first line of defense – controlling movement through your building to make sure only authorized personnel even make it to locations where sensitive information or assets are stored.

The db Nexus can be the foundation of your access control plans. Check out the db Nexus product sheet for all of the technical and use details of the solution.