Software & Integration Solutions

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Delivering Custom Security Solutions

Digitus delivers robust operating software combined with unique system configuration options and advanced custom solutions.

A highly secure, comprehensive and flexible API helps to simplify and greatly speed up integration with other technology platforms.

DAS-SQL Access Management Solution

Digitus has designed a unique solution for managing access control to your cabinet, cage and  aisle doors. Use it as a standalone platform or integrate with a Building Access System, such as Lenel/S4's OnGuard and AMAG's Symmetry.

Digitus API

The Digitus API allows third parties to seamlessly integrate Digitus techology into their own solutions, allowing for rapid development of highly secure cabinet access solutions.

Digitus OnGuard Integration

Digitus has engineered a comprehensive Access Control System which can be deployed into small, medium and large data centers via the Digitus Bus Architecture. The Digitus Sentry System can be used for individual enclosures, located in closets or other remote locations.


Have you ever implemented a solution and thought "if it could just to this" or "wouldn't it be useful if we could just"? Digitus will customize its technology solution to add those bells and whistles that any cutomer is looking for.