Financial: Securing credit card and banking data is critical

In todays world of financial transactions, securing the credit card and banking data that is transferred through a data center is critical.

Controlling who has access to the data center room has always been a high security item, however once inside a simple key is all that is needed “to access the door to that data”. More often than not a security breach was an innocent mistake by someone accessing a cabinet door that they have mistaken for the one the are supposed to be working in access to critical servers.

Digitus helps secure many Fortune 500 financial institutions with our unique system of cabinet door security which includes single and dual factor credential access at the door and 3 factor access from the end of the row.

Healthcare: Protecting Patient Data is key

Securing sensitive data is a necessity for all healthcare providers and professionals and keeping patient information confidential includes securing the servers that store it.

For years Digitus helps to secure some of the largest healthcare companies in the US.

If your organization needs to meet HIPAA requirements by having your data more securely contained, allow us to show you the needed steps to conform to those requirements.

Co-location: Achieve a higher level of confidence

Housing your company’s critical data at a co-location facility forces the demand for cabinet level security in the data center.

Historically you had to rely on the processes and integrity of the co-location facility to ensure that potential access to your data is controlled and safe.

Choosing to deploy a Digitus Access Control Solution allows a higher level of confidence that access to your server cabinets and data is secure.