Welcome to the Digitus February news Roundup. Last month was a busy one, with the U.S announcing heavy increases in its cybersecurity budget. The rise in BYOD policies for workplaces makes security simultaneously more difficult and more important. Thankfully, more companies are implementing mobile biometrics. It will be up to the rest of the technology world to follow suit.

The Obama administration will spend almost $14 billion on its federal government cybersecurity initiative, which is a $1 billion increase over previous budgets.  Many Massachusetts data firms have commended the increase in funding, saying it will “definitely have an impact.” Many organizations are considering biometric scanners for workplaces in order to protect themselves.

With more businesses using BYOD policies, security is being stressed. Many groups want to use BYOD strategies in order to allow employees more personal freedoms at work. However, these devices may increase the possibility of a system’s security being breached. Using strict guidelines, including limited email retention and other measures is recommended. Biometrics and dual-access systems can also prevent malware infection.

In fact, there has been a rise in mobile Biometrics use by many organizations. USAA, a financial services company based in San Antonio, has begun using facial and vocal recognition through its mobile applications. Acuity Market Intelligence has suggested that, by 2020, smartphones will feature embedded biometric sensors as a standard feature.

One area that stands to benefit immediately from biometrics is data center design. Apple and Amazon have recently expanded their operations. Apple will be building a new data center in Mesa, Arizona, while Amazon will build up to 11 data centers in Oregon. These large tech companies stand to benefit from biometrics in an effort to keep their security tight. Data centers carry some of the most sensitive information of larger organizations, and keeping it from hackers is crucial.

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