Powerful Access Control Solutions to protect your data assets

Digitus released its first state-of-the-art data center cabinet handle way back in 2010, allowing us to bring to market a one-of-a-kind data center security solution.

Since then, Digitus has been refining and enhancing our technological capabilities to release a diverse range of products.

The core identity that made that first security solution so groundbreaking has held true throughout all of our systems allowing Digitus Biometrics to tailor each deployment to the specific needs of our customers.

Our solution lineup is designed to ensure that every organizations unique physical access control requirements are delivered, rather than an out-of-the-box combination of locks and software.

Cabinet Door Access

Digitus designs and builds Server Cabinet handles with integrated Finger, Card and PIN authentication. Select from a wide range of single or dual-factor intelligent handles that can be connected either to a Digitus Access Control Solution, or to a Building Access System.

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Cage, Aisle & Door Access Control

Select from the Digitus dbCageGuard, dbAisleGuard or dbNexus Solutions to conveniently manage access to Cage Doors or Aisle Containment Doors in your Data Center.

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Server Cabinet Handles

Digitus engineered the Digitus Bus Architecture, a comprehensive Access Control Solution which can be deployed into small, medium and large data centers. Alternatively, The Digitus Sentry System is ideal for individual enclosures, those located in closets or other remote locations.

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Software & Integration Solutions

Digitus designs unique solutions for managing access control to your data cabinet, cage and aisle doors that can be managed as a standalone platform or integrated with a Building Access System, such as Lenel/S4’s OnGuard and AMAG’s Symmetry.

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