Most companies are always searching for the best way to protect their vital and sensitive data from prying eyes and sticky hands. That’s why so many company managers are turning to biometric technology to protect their business data center. Server cabinets and the data center are two of the most important areas a company has and they need to be as secure as possible at all times.

Controlling access to the facility
According to a recent Tech Page One article, nearly 40 percent of all data losses are caused by employees. Included in the report was the disturbing fact that 59 percent of all IT ex-employees surveyed reported that they had stolen something from their previous employer. Preventing unauthorized access is rapidly becoming an executive’s top priority. What steps can a company take to ensure their vital and sensitive data is in security compliance and, in fact, safe?

Fingerprint scanning
New biometric software is being improved and evolving on a daily basis and the current fingerprint scanning and reading technology has helped many businesses lock down their data centers from internal and external threats. A Biometric News Portal article said because fingerprints are unique to each individual they are virtually non-duplicable and a great way to protect the physical facility from threat.

Benefits of biometrics
Biometric security, while a relatively new discipline, has developers and researchers discovering new methods of deployment, but the Biometric News Portal article said the benefits of the technology are many. Along with the previously mentioned access control, the biometric technology is very easy to use. By scanning an employee’s fingerprints into a database, the print is read and programmed so that any of the fingerprint readers placed throughout the facility can read that print and allow the employee access. No print? No access.

Another aspect of biometric security is that it is not more expensive than other technologies and it’s smaller and less obtrusive. The scanners and readers are small, they don’t use a lot of power and there is already a large database available for users.

Data center security is, perhaps, one of the more crucial areas in which a company manager can expend resources. Using biometric security can make the center a very safe and almost breach-proof operation. Securing the servers and data center goes a long way toward protecting vital and sensitive assets and keeping the bottom line down by thwarting any criminal or malicious behavior.

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