Technology continues to evolve with rapid, hurricane-like, intensity and with it the threat for security breaches to critical infrastructure – it’s a cost of doing business in the modern age. What does a company executive do when, not if, a security breach occurs?  An article in Data Center Security suggests a comprehensive emergency plan detailing what staffers need to do to keep the company running and to protect remaining assets. Most security breaches take place at the data center and, once the emergency and breach are alleviated and fixed, the company needs to “harden” the data center and other vital infrastructure. What are the options available?

Biometric security
Biometric security is one option available to companies with software that can protect a business from plant access to data security center protection. The Digitus-developed product utilizes fingerprint scanning to control facility access and it also creates protection around server cabinets and the security center. By scanning employees fingerprints and entering it into a database, company security personnel are able to control who enters a facility and, more importantly, who is accessing the security center or servers. Preventing unauthorized access cuts down on the potential for criminal access and loss of personal data and proprietary information. In the past few months, healthcare industry officials report that operations in Montana, Colorado, New Hampshire and Oregon are among several providers that have reported breaches to their data centers. An I Health Beat report says that some personal information was released in the breaches and the investigations into how each breach occurred are on-going.

Planning ahead to protect vital infrastructure
A successful business is generally one that has planned for every contingency and protecting infrastructure is an area that needs strong and virtually impenetrable protection. A Security Infowatch report says using biometrics for server rack security is one way of compartmentalizing security so that no employee needs to access all parts of a server site or the data center. Physical access is also a major concern to Security staff and company management. Without strict controls an unauthorized access breach could have devastating impacts on a business. Digitus provides a wall-mounted, fingerprint recognition access panel that all employees are required to access before they are allowed into a company facility. No keys are used nor are pass-cards, a very porous system according to security experts, and that eliminates stolen or lost means of access to the plant.

As technology changes and the risk of loss becomes more of a focus for business executives, biometric developers like Digitus are creating stronger protections for companies and industries looking to minimize future losses by beefing-up their security in a cutting-edge manner.

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