For most businesses, the biggest data security concern doesn’t come from network vulnerability or the cloud, but from user behavior and poor physical security practices. This makes improving data center security with access control and improved training for employees on best practices key to optimizing the overall protection of a company’s most important resource.

According to ZDNet, a recent poll performed by Mobile Work Exchange found that user behavior is the biggest security problem that enterprises face on a regular basis. Everything from leaving mobile devices containing company data out in the open for theft to failure to use a password or code on a device can lead to data being acquired by a malicious party. If 25 percent of employees refuse to password their devices, it is up to a business to protect it by other means.

Setting a physical boundary for maintaining building access control and overall server security will allow companies to create a key chokepoint in their data protection. Rather than risk any employee accessing information and downloading it to an unauthorized device, firms will be able to optimize access, and the maintenance of that access, to their servers. This sets the foundation for higher security and improved practices across the board.

Promoting safe user practices will only get a business so far. Biometric security establishes an uncompromising standard for access control, while allowing a business to closely monitor who has access to its data, and adapt its security practices as needed.

Instituting biometric technology has many other benefits as well. High-quality solutions will allow firms to automatically detect how many people are in a room, allowing them to determine if an employee has granted an unauthorized party access, or turn on cameras and other security devices to establish further record of access. Furthermore, multi-credential access can be established to boost protection, while dual-custody authorization can eliminate single party entry in order to establish stronger control.

With so many variations and security options available, biometric technology offers the pinnacle of building access security and control and enterprises need to protect their key resources. A security guard and sign-in sheet isn’t enough in a day and age when data can make or break a company’s fortunes. Covering data security from creation to end user is a high priority, and must be met with the best possible protection.