Cages are often used in Data Centers to segregate a number of cabinets, restricting who can access the cabinets within the cage. They are very common with Colocation Data Centers (Colos), where multiple tenants occupy a single Data Center.

Most cages however use a mechanical key to access them, which doesn’t provide an audit of who accessed the cage, and doesn’t provide any means to monitor that the cage door is secure.

dbCageGuard is a Physical Server Cage Security Solution that is deployed using either single-factor or dual-factor authentication. dbCageGuard will work with almost any type of electronic door-strike or mag-lock.

dbCageGuard is used with the Digitus DAS-SQL software platform, where access-rights can be assigned, and the cage door can be fully monitored, generating alarms when the cage door has been left is an open or unsecure state.

The dbCageGuard solution can coexist within the Digitus DAS-SQL software platform with any of our other security products.