The Digitus dbKeypadLock enables single-factor authentication at the cabinet door using Personal Identification Numbers (PINs).

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Key Features

  • Simple integration with all 3rd-party Access Control Management (ACM) Platforms
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Compatible with server cabinets from most major manufacturers
  • Equipped with a tri-color LED, provides visual feedback
  • Low power consumption
  • Anti-counterfeiting features and enhanced encryption capability
  • Firmware can be dynamically updated for future feature enhancements

Technical Specifications

  • Cabinet Panel Prep: Height 150mm, Width 25mm and 50/50/50
  • Dimensions: Height 270mm, Width 44mm, Depth 29mm
  • Communication Protocols: RS232 (Digitus Control Equipment), 8-bit Burst (3rd-Party Access Panel)
  • Status Monitoring: Built-in optical sensor to monitor handle position
  • Override: Optional mechanical key (custom key cylinders available)
  • Input Power: Available in 12 or 24vDC versions
  • Current Draw: 60mA Idle, 250mA Max
  • Lock Control: Via Digitus Control Equipment or 3rd-Party ACM Panel
  • Keypad: 12 Keys, Optional “Enter” Key, Use variable-length PINs
  • LED: Green, Amber and Red