Many businesses are looking for new ways to secure their servers and data, and for many, the old lock and key method simply isn’t making do anymore. The new solutions? Biometric technology.

Embracing biometrics for server rack security has several benefits for companies, from enabling productive workflow to, obviously, improving security. Of course, investing in biometric security means taking a closer look at what it provides.

Keyless entry
The most common benefit of going with biometrics for data center security is the entry system itself. Fingerprint scanners help eliminate keys, keycards and passwords from an employee’s pockets, cutting the risk for forgetting or losing one of these items. Furthermore, entrance can be gained faster, helping improve workflow and general efficiency.

Of course, easy entry isn’t what every business wants in its building access control solutions. Luckily, biometric technology provides ample customization, including dual-authentication options that allow a firm to demand two authorized parties are present for a room or server rack to be unlocked. This enhances control while still offering all of the other advantages of advanced security.

No security system is flawless and accidents do happen – often by human error – that allow unauthorized access to a facility or server room. For these situations, anti-passback technology provides an integrated backup plan, requiring the same fingerprint authentication to exit a room as enter it, locking said individual in the facility. This added security measure reduces risk across the board, and even helps to protect firms from internal threats.

Investing in biometrics now can help companies leverage their technology better while protecting said systems above and beyond current solutions. The right investment will save businesses time and money in the future, protecting their assets and enabling stronger workflow and productivity at the same time.