Server cabinet smart handles offer a granular level of protection for data centers that take security seriously. Our smart handles integrate with our control solution or a building access system to provide individual server-level monitoring and authentication. This goes one step further than door locks and secures each individual cabinet with automated integration and accurate monitoring.

Digitus smart handles come with the option of three different authentication types, which can be combined for up to three factor authentication.

RFID cabinet handles

Our RFID models offer a range of compatibility perfect for companies that use a mixture of card technologies. Slot combined compatibility integrates seamlessly into your set up and you can use them to smoothly transition to a higher security model.

Biometric cabinet handles

Our biometric fingerprint locks can be programmed to recognize specific fingerprints, either by storing them on board or via RFID card.

PIN cabinet handles

Our PIN locks can be used alone for single factor authentication or together with cards for dual factor authentication.

Authentication factors

Our single factor authentication locks use one of the above methods of verification to allow entry to the server cabinet. Dual factor authentication locks use a combination of two different authentication methods for additional security. Three factor authentication uses all three methods and is considered the most secure. Not all applications require all three, so it’s worth considering the specific security requirements for each use case.

How do smart handles improve control solutions?

Access control is fully monitored and automated. It creates a reliable audit trail of access and authentication right down to the server cabinet level. Our handles integrate with our own or other access systems for a smooth and seamless integration that effortlessly meets regulatory requirements. The choice of authentication types and factors means that solutions can be tailored to the level of security required. Smart handles not only automate authentication, but they also enable you to see who has accessed a specific server cabinet and when, anywhere across your organization, even when it spans several sites.

Our smart handles are scalable – use them anywhere across the globe and integrate them with an access control system. The user-friendly installation and easy integration makes them a solid choice for a security upgrade or additional access control for sensitive servers. They slot easily into most existing systems meaning they can be used as an expansion to your security rather than an overhaul.

We offer both multi cabinet and single cabinet access technology depending on whether you need to secure a group of cabinets or one that is isolated from the main data center. Both options are compatible with the available smart handles for a complete tailored solution.