With a matter as important as data security, you need to know that your provider is reliable and their products are robust. We’re confident in our access solutions, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Digitus Access Solutions are used in a number of data centers owned by the Canadian and US governments, in addition to State sites and DoD sites. Our products meet and exceed even the highest requirements making them a solid choice for securing and monitoring data center access.

Why Governments Use Our Products

Digitus offer end-to-end data center security solutions for access control and accountability. Our unique software can be used to manage cabinet locks and cage and aisle door controls. It can also be integrated with building access systems of Microsoft Active Directory. This comprehensive and flexible offering is part of the reason we’re trusted to provide solutions for high security environments. It’s easy to integrate and possible to secure servers at an individual cabinet level.

What we do

The Digitus Access Solution provides easy and accurate accountability. Indisputable audit trails show who accessed which doors and when. It is a highly scalable system and can cover multiple locations across the globe. We offer far more than control of data room entry, with protection available for each individual server cabinet. Server cabinet controls can be built with a range of different authentication options to accommodate preferences and offer the level of security needed. Single to three factor authentication is available, together with RFID, biometric or PIN security.

Regulatory assistance

Digitus Access Solutions provide a simple way to meet regulatory requirements such as those in PCI-DSS, HIPAA, FISMA and NERC CIP. Our products help meet a number of specific points in these regulations, making documentation and compliance easier to complete. Please check the regulatory compliance section on our website for more details as to how Digitus Access Solutions can help your business meet specific regulatory requirements.

We’re up to date

Our products are a user friendly and comprehensive solution that follows best practices. Our ecosystem is continually being developed to keep it up to date and the best on the market. There’s sufficient flexibility in our system to tailor solutions to specific requirements too. Digitus Access Solutions deliver top of the range, tailored solutions that can meet your specific business goals.


These are just a few of the reasons our access solutions are considered among the best in the industry and trusted in security critical, high stakes environments. Data security is a serious consideration and one that requires reliable, robust and thorough solutions. Our products are trusted to secure some of the largest healthcare organizations in the country, in addition to a number of government locations.