When it comes to data center colocation, demand is high and many firms are scrambling to compete in a fast growing market. However, as more businesses invest in colocation for their data center needs, there are a number of factors to consider. Scalable power opportunities are often discussed, but they aren’t the only thing companies should be looking at. For colocation investment success, scalable server rack security is also a critical focus.

High density data center solutions are delivering on the power needs of businesses investing in colocation, but businesses also need to look at the security options their provider offers and ramp them up if need be. For a facility that has multiple firms renting space, these security solutions have to scale to the size and deployment of server racks and clusters. The best option in such instances is biometric technology that can secure access control directly at the server.

With scalable power and cooling needs, colocation providers are already beginning to hit the mark but security needs are just beginning to take notice. Many firms are focused on delivering the former two, but the latter is a demand businesses may have to bring up themselves.

“Efficient resource management is vital to our colocation customers and our High Density Solutions are designed to increase efficiency,” Jim Reinhart, chief operating officer, development and operations for one data center provider, recently noted in a release.

Of course, if a colocation provider isn’t offering security on the scale a business desires, it doesn’t mean they aren’t a viable data center solution. Companies will simply have to deploy their own strategy.

Biometric security installed at the server rack ensures access control without stunting the productivity and efficiency of employees or the facility at large. This is important in a colocation situation because it protects a firms valuable assets without making accommodations for other firm’s access needs.

While colocation facilities aren’t the only data centers that can benefit from biometrics, they do offer some of the most clear cut instances of the benefits provided by these solutions. For any company, the right building access control solution can be critical for optimizing workflow and security at the same time. Ultimately, this will promote growth and efficiency that will result in stronger work practices across the data center.