Whether you’re tasked with managing a large data center or concerned with an on-premises server storage solution for a single organization, maintaining the highest standards of security is essential.

Meeting Compliance Requirements

After all, to be sure of meeting rigorous compliance requirements, you need to be able to demonstrate that your data files are being held in the most secure environment possible. And, when you take a moment to think about it, preventing unauthorized physical access to hardware equipment such as servers is as vital a step as protecting the files with advanced software solutions.

That’s because there are often a great many people coming and going in the areas where server cabinets are located. From permanent members of staff, to contractors and other visitors, even with the best of intentions, it can be challenging to figure out exactly who is in a space and when.

Smart Solutions For Server Cabinets

This makes smart server cabinet locks an ideal solution for any premises where sensitive data and other files are being held. With options available to suit every organization, smart server cabinet locks, and handles are quick and easy to install, allowing your teams to rapidly get to work with greater security.

Choose your preferred level of access control, from a single factor (based on the entry of an authorized fingerprint, PIN, or smart card), or two factors, depending on the security requirements of each area. And, thanks to the ability to work seamlessly with building access management systems, you can stay in control at all times. Not only will you be able to manage who is authorized to access sensitive data, but you will also be able to track who is in the server area, thereby helping to provide the documentation needed for compliance regulations such as CCPA, CDPA and CPA.

A Convenient Tool

Choosing a smart card for access can be a flexible option, with the choice of low and high frequency RFID cards available, as well as the chance to migrate from low to high frequency cards as your needs change. In addition, server cabinet locks and handles programmed to accept a PIN as authentication are an ideal solution for areas where a high number of users need to be permitted access.

There are additional benefits to be gained from choosing a biometric cabinet handle. Requiring a touch of a fingerprint, it’s hard to beat the speed and convenience of this authentication approach. Without the need to locate and use keys or swipe cards, authorized personnel can move more quickly around your facility, thereby improving productivity and efficiency. There’s no need to worry that a key or card has been lost or stolen, or that a password has been compromised, as biometric data is incredibly secure and extremely difficult to forge. This means that you can relax, safe in the knowledge that your server cabinets are protected, and you are upholding essential data compliance obligations, too.