Does your company require employees and guests to flash a digital keycard in order to gain access to your facilities? If so, you should know that while this may be a common way for companies to keep important areas secure – it’s not enough. If you want to get serious about security you need to understand that there are downsides to keycards that could leave your business vulnerable to breaches.

Your employees are human, and you’ve probably noticed that it’s not uncommon for them to lose their keycards from time to time. Anyone who happens to find these cards could easily gain access to not just your company’s main lobby, but your data centers as well, which could mean real trouble for your business. Also, cards can easily be stolen, duplicated or compromised.

The best way to combat this is to install a physical access control system that scans your employee’s fingerprints. This way, you can feel confident that only authorized personnel can get into secure areas. After all, while anyone can lose a keycard, you can’t misplace your fingerprints.