In order to cope with growing threats, enterprises are looking to ramp up their data center security and ensure complete protection of their most vital resource – information. However, the path toward security compliance and the elimination of threats is rocky, and firms need to ensure they are optimizing their physical security options with the best technology and practices. For many, this means more than deploying building access control solutions by taking them to the next level with multi-function authorization.

Multiple authentication options come in varying forms, such as dual-custody authentication, offering several stages of protection, unlike a basic card swipe would. The option to require more than one person to access a highly sensitive area, or set up a mantrap anti-passback system, ensures that server rooms and other critical building systems are well guarded against unauthorized entry, or keep an intruder locked down should one get in at all.

Beyond dual-custody and anti-passback, enterprises can also triplicate their security by integrating biometric technology with pin pads and card readers to create a three-way system for providing access. Further more, auxiliary systems, such as security cameras can be automatically triggered by entry in order to improve authorization – an keep energy costs lower by not having them run 24/7.

The need for mutli-form authentication has been highlighted more recently, according to Credit Union Times. The data breach at Target, as well as other news worthy security threats have many firms on high alert.

“Top-tier financial institutions realize passwords are ineffective due to users picking weak ones,” John Steven, an industry expert, told the news source. “Big banks are making themselves harder targets for criminals,” Steven continued. “Criminals are going down the food chain, looking for softer targets.”

The benefits of utilizing biometric security add up quickly, especially compared to other, less advanced solutions. For one, they impede the user experience less, allowing end users such as systems engineers or data center maintenance quickly and secure access to facilities that they need to get into for repairs. This is particular key for firms at high risk for natural disasters, blackouts or other problems that could cause a full system shut down. Lost time is lost productivity, so getting a server back online quickly is critical. An antiquated security system, such as a key and pass card based one, would keep staff from achieving this goal.

Ultimately, building access and server room security is the next logical step in total security improvement. Biometrics offer a quick, reliable and compliance option for any company that needs to deploy the best possible solution quickly, and do so without interrupting its data center operations. Paired with high-quality identity management software, such systems will drive access protection while remaining scalable and flexible for workforce changes, security updates and other key factors that could have an impact on efficiency and productivity in the future.