Two-factor authentication is a critical component of security, which businesses need to consider for their highly-sensitive data needs. When it comes to data, an enterprise can never be too careful, and optimizing data center security through biometrics and two-factor authentication provides the best protection.

According to StateTech magazine, 57 percent of organizations use multifactor authentication for access control. For police stations like the Fort Worth Police Department and Florida’s Highway Patrol, this was essential for meeting FBI security compliance guidelines for data.

Florida Highway Patrol investing in biometric technology for exactly this purpose.

“Tokens can break or be lost,” Lee Caswell, law enforcement IT support manager for the Florida Highway Patrol, told the news source. “An officer has a fingerprint with him at all times.”

By investing in biometric security, any organization, be it a police station or a business, can optimize access and building security. These tools deliver unparalleled protection by ensuring authorized parties always have access without impeding productivity or workflow.

Multiform authentication such as dual-custody allows firms to amplify their security measures by requiring two people to authorize access at once. Furthermore, additional features like dual-custody override can provide access to a third, authorized party if the original dual-custody requirements have been met.

Ultimately using biometrics, either alone or in conjunction with legacy pinpad and key card strategies for security, is critical for advancing building access control. Facilities and implement biometrics aren’t just updating to the latest technology advancements but eliminating a critical security flaw in their operations that has needed to be addressed for some time. This will change the scope of an organization’s security operations for the better while aligning their processes to technology innovations that will only continue to improve security measures.