dbSentry Single Cabinet Access Controller

The Digitus dbSentry Access Control system is designed for use where enclosures are isolated from the main data center, in smaller groups or installations that do not permit the cabling requirements of the Digitus dbBus system.

The dbSentry is an IP addressable controller and is the only control equipment needed in the cabinet. Its small size (10cm x 5cm x 2.5cm) does not take any rack space within the cabinet and as a PoE device requires no external power. If PoE is not available, an auxiliary-power connection can be used. This can also function as a redundant source, when using PoE as the primary power source.

The cabinets that deploy the dbSentry Architecture can seamlessly be managed in conjunction with cabinets that are deployed using the Digitus Bus Architecture via the DAS-SQL software package.

Typically, the dbSentry is deployed with Digitus intelligent handles providing the required type of single-factor or dual-factor authentication. See the Server Cabinet Handles page to see the large selection of intelligent handles available.

Key Product Features

  • Single cabinet control unit
  • PoE and/or auxiliary power
  • Supports 2 Digitus handles
  • Monitor door and handle positions
  • Monitor cabinet's side-panels
  • At-the-cabinet authentication
  • Up to 9,999 users
  • Stores 60,000 event logs locally
  • Encrypted network connection